Student Judicial Process

The jurisdiction of the Rensselaer Judicial System includes on-campus events as well as certain off-campus events. Hearing officers and Boards within the system shall have the authority to hear and decide any case which is “Institute-related.” To be “Institute-related” a case must involve:

All allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking, are investigated and adjudicated pursuant to the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy of Rensselaer, NOT the Student Judicial Process. For more information about reporting sexual misconduct and to view the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy, visit

The Rensselaer Judicial System is comprised of the Dean of Students Office (including Residence Life hearing officers and Office of the First-Year Experience hearing officers), Hearing/Appeal Boards, Student Judicial Advisors, and the President. The object is to settle issues as informally as possible but to ensure fairness to all parties. Disciplinary cases are heard first in the Dean of Students Office and civil cases (including student government disputes) are heard first by the Judicial Board. The standard of proof in Rensselaer’s judicial system is a preponderance of the evidence.