Institute Policies

Rensselaer is guided by several policies that are intended to protect the rights and promote the safety of its students. Institute Policies not only guide the rights and responsibilities of the campus community but also, maintain the integrity of the institution.

The Judicial Affairs program is guided by the policies to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of program delivery. Therefore, it is imperative that the implementation of programs and services adhere to the Institute’s Policies by administering fair and impartial standards that do not compromise the veracity of the Judicial Process.

Listed above are several polices referenced in The Rensselaer Handbook of Students Rights and Responsibilities and The Dean of Students Office. These policies include: Academic Integrity, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Computer Use, Technology and Intellectual Property, Parking Rules and Regulations, Crime Statistics (online), NY Sex Offender Registry (online), Sexual Misconduct, Sign, and Smoking.

If further assistance is warranted, please feel free to contact the Dean of Students Office at (518) 276-6266 or visit DOSO in Academy Hall.