Visiting Scholars

The ISSS Office welcomes many visiting scholars to RPI’s campus each year to collaborate with RPI faculty and staff. This section of the website is designed to assist current scholars and departments.

Please note:We request that prospective scholars contact the hosting department, rather than the ISSS Office, prior to arriving to campus. This ensures that no communication is lost between the scholar, department, and ISSS Office.

Departments Requesting Scholars: Instructions and the scholar request forms are available here.Our office recommends that departments start the application process 3-6 months prior to the scholar’s arrival to allow time for export control review and visa processing. Visiting scholars must have at least a bachelor's degree to qualify.

The ISSS Office is responsible for scholars on J-visas. However, all international visitors, including those coming on B or other visa types, must be cleared for export control compliance before arriving on campus. Please review the Information for Departments section for a brief summary of different visa types. If you have any questions, please consult the ISSS Office.

International Services for Students and Scholars, Phone: (518) 276-4966, Fax: (518) 276-4839