D4D Competition - Letters to an Elected Official

Project Pericles is once again hosting the Letters to an Elected Official Competition, as part of the Debate for Democracy 2015 National Legislative Hearing. Five teams from the 29 Periclean Colleges will be selected to compete to win $3,000 to fund advocacy and education activities including lobbying trips and workshops in the next year on behalf of their causes! The four national "runners-up" teams will each receive $500 to advocate for their causes.

Rensselaer Students: In order to be eligible to participate in the Letters to an Elected Official Competition as a Rensselaer team, you must -

A team of Rensselaer faculty and staff judges will review all the submissions, and will rank and select up to 4 letters to move forward in the national competition, no later than Mon., February 2. The selected teams must mail their letters to the elected official by February 2, 2015. If one of Rensselaer's four team letters is chosen to compete nationally, that team will travel to NYC to attend the National Conference and compete, all expenses paid. If none of our letters is chosen, Rensselaer will select its highest ranked team to go to the conference, all expenses paid.

Letters submitted by the 29 Periclean campuses for the national competition will be reviewed by a committee selected by the national Project Pericles office, and will consist of people with significant experience working with public policy; they will announce the 5 winning teams by mid- March, using the criteria below:

Judging Criteria: The evaluation of each letter will rest on the students’ success at conducting high quality policy analysis and research; clarity of presentation; and adherence to the rules detailed on pages 3-4. The five letters that do the best job of meeting the following criteria will be selected as finalists and win awards:

The complete rules guidelines for the Letter to an Elected Official Competition are available in the Debating for Democracy 2015 Letters to An Elected Official Competition Guidelines. For more information email Rensselaer's Project Pericles Program Director.

Last modified: Jan 16, 2015