RPI RELIEF: Support for the Philippines

RPI Relief: The Philippines

On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, considered to be the strongest storm to ever make landfall, struck the city of Tacloban, on the central east coast of the Philippines. The storm destroyed everything in its path, and originally was said to have caused the deaths of an estimated 10,000 people. Ten days later that estimate was downgraded to 4,000 people, but according to the Wall Street Journal "Typhoon Haiyan displaced an estimated four million people in the Philippines—more than the number of those displaced by Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean tsunami combined—posing an unprecedented challenge to the government and relief agencies." The economic impact of the storm has been projected at $14 billion. Known as Hurricane Yolanda locally, the storm followed on the heels of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which struck the nation in mid-October.

The Philippines consists of an archapelago of 7,107 islands to the southeast of mainland China, and it is the 12th most populated country in the world with 98 million people and an additional 12 million Filipinos living overseas. Current information on the disaster can be found in the following news sources, among others:

Rensselaer is impacted by this tragedy as many in our community including a number of students have immediate family members and friends who live in the impacted region. It is on behalf of them and our need to contribute to the recovery the best way we can, that we have activated RPI RELIEF: The Philippines to provide support for our own community as well as the Philippine Community in need. Everyone who lives through a disaster or traumatic event is touched by the experience. Coping with the Emotional Impact of Disasters is a useful resource published by the NJ Department of Human Services which may help individuals understand their responses to disaster and how to predict and prepare for emotional reactions; it also provides useful information on how to cope with the stress of disasters. Should the need arise, Rensselaer's Counseling Center is available to students during business hours, and a counselor may be reached after hours and on weekends by calling Public Safety at (518)276-6656. Staff and faculty may want to use the EAP - Employee Assistance Program by calling (518)465-3813.

To provide support for the people of the Philippines, RPI Relief, a Rensselaer organization formed to respond to natural disasters when they occur, is collaborating closely with Rensselaer students in the Philippine American League (PAL) to raise money to support Filipinos in need. The coordinated effort will include informing the community about the disaster and the Rensselaer relief efforts, recruiting organizations to help raise money, and managing the funds raised and distributing them to the named causes below.

RPI Relief: The Philippines Events at Rensselaer
A listing of programs from November 13 through December 6, 2013 is listed below. Check back often to learn about more ways to give and about funds raised.

The growing list of student groups involved in RPI Relief: The Philippines effort follows:

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