RPI Relief: Hurricane Sandy

RPI Relief: Hurricane Sandy

RPI Relief: Hurricane Sandy

On October 29, 2012, one of the most powerful hurricanes in American history came ashore along almost 1,000 miles of the United States eastern seaboard, carving a path of destruction from North Carolina to Massachusetts, with the eye on the Jersey Shore. As reported by NBCNEWS.com University of Miami researcher Brian McNoldy, Hurricane Sandy's sheer power ranks second among modern hurricanes. The storm's "integrated kinetic energy (IKE) was second only to Hurricane Isabelle in 2003...IKE is a new scale designed to better convey the destructive power from both a hurricane's wind and storm surge." Damage from the hurricane is noted on NOAA's Hurricane SANDY Response Imagery Viewer.

Media coverage of the storm and its aftermath is plentiful. Several resources for information on damage and on recovery efforts continue to be reported by the following organizations:

Over the last decade, RPI Relief has responded to a major environmental disasters that have impacted the nation, the world and even our local community. With each disaster the Rensselaer Community has confronted the challenge and coordinated appropriate responses. Our monetary donations to organizations like the American Red Cross and Red Crescent, Save the Children, the Salvation Army and others have helped those organizations acquire and distribute needed resources to those who need them most. Our response to Hurricane Irene combined fundraising as well as ongoing Mighty Waters volunteer initiatives to help nearby communities continue recovery. The RPI RELIEF: Hurricane Sandy efforts will focus on raising money and supporting the many RPI students whose families are impacted by the storm.

Many Rensselaer students' families have been impacted by the storm. The Community Advocates have established a Reflection Wall in the Union North Lobby for students and members of the Rensselaer Community to express their thoughts and feelings about the storm and its aftermath. In addition, we have compiled the resource list below so that students will be more prepared to help their families safely when they call or visit home.

Rensselaer students with questions or concerns related to the impact of Hurricane Sandy, should contact the Dean of Students Office.

RPI RELIEF: Hurricane Sandy Efforts
This website will compile and continuously update the initiatives, including fundraising, supporting students whose families are impacted by the storm, and a possible spring break trip to assist in the recovery effort. Fundraising is being coordinated largely in support of the American Red Cross, except as noted, and Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson has agreed to match up to $1,000 of the dollars raised. The fundraising campaign will run throughout the fall semester, and the Rensselaer Community's donations will be sent to the American Red Cross when classes end. As of December 31, a total of $4,691.13 had been raised by the community for the American Red Cross, including the match.

Special RPI Relief: Hurricane Sandy Events at Rensselaer: A complete chronological listing of all the programs hosted by the students is listed below, with upcoming events listed first, followed by completed events. This list will be updated as events are known - so bookmark this site and check back often.

Completed Events

RPI Mighty Waters planned a spring break trip with Wagner College, to assist in Hurricane Sandy Relief for residents of Staten Island New York. We left RPI on Sunday, March 10, at 1 p.m., and returned to Troy on Wednesday, March 13, at 8 p.m. We worked alongside Wagner College students, who were also on spring break over the three days, and participated in the All Hands initiatives to help Staten Isleand residents inpacted by the storm. For more information, see our Alternative Spring Break Brochure or email DOSO.

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The growing list of Student Groups involved in RPI Relief: Hurricane Sandy follows:

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