RPI RELIEF "Mighty Waters" Community Service Day - Spring 2012

Community Service

RPI Relief: Hurricane Irene

The RPI RELIEF initiative lives on as the RPI Community Volunteer continues to help the communities along the Mighty Waters of the Schoharie Creek and the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers. The August 28, 2011 storm devasted communities situated along the major streams and rivers in the Hudson River Valley, especially the Schoharie Creek, the Poestenkill, and the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers. In the spring of 2012, students met and began working with leaders in Schoharie to organize projects that would not only directly address the immediate needs of the community, but will also have a long range positive impact, including enhancing data bases, working on communication needs, grant writing, and helping to address the long range needs of the community, among others.

The next community service visit to Schoharie to assist the residents in their on-going recovery will be on:

Students, staff and faculty members who would like to participate should register on the Community Service Day Registration WEBFORM below. Transportation will be provided. Participants will receive a confirmation email prior to the service date, with further safety instructions for the site. Volunteers are required to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts, and heavy shoes or boots; they will be provided with safety equipment as needed, including gloves, a face-mask, and goggles, water, lunch and a RPI RELIEF: Hurricane Irene t-shirt.

September 11, 2011 volunteers in Schoharie, NY

Each individual who wishes to participate in RPI RELIEF "Mighty Waters" Community Service Day must complete the

Community Service Day Registration WEBFORM
Date assignments will be made on a first come, first serve basis, and will be limited to transportation accomodations. If you have questions or need more information, contact 276-3098, or send us an email.


History: Since the spring of 1999, Rensselaer has hosted Community Service Days. Each spring and autumn over the last 13 years, Rensselaer student, faculty, staff, and administration volunteers have provided essential help in the City of Troy, raking fallen leaves, trailblazing, and planting bulbs in area parks, in preparation for the upcoming seasons. The work is valued not only by the caretakers of the parks serviced, but also by members of the community who are able to take full advantage of what these areas offer year-round.

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