RPI RELIEF: Hurricane Irene

RPI Relief: Hurricane Irene

On Sunday, August 28, 2011, Hurricane Irene, then in the form of a powerful tropical storm, proceeded on its path along the United States eastern seaboard, through New York City and inland between the Hudson and Connecticut river valleys onward to Vermont and Canada. The New York Times Map showing the flooding, rainfall and power outages illustrates the impact of the powerful, widespread storm. The larger New York Capital incurred much damage, especially along its creeks and river beds. Localities along the Schoharie Creek, the Poestenkill the Mohawk and Hudson rivers, and other waterways suffered incredible damage to both infrastructure and to personal property. Weeks following the deluge, these communities continue to be vulnerable, not only to weather impacts on the saturated landscape, but also to public health concerns brought about by mold, mildew and bacteria growing across the flood ravaged areas. Local communities have come together to assist property owners with the clean-up, but recovery is uncertain for many in the face of the storm's severe environmental impact. Local coverage of the storm's impact can be found on the following sites:

September 11 Schoharie Service Project

September 18 Prattsville Service Project

September 25 Poestenkill Service Project

October 2 Schoharie Service Project

October 16 Prattsville Service Project

October 23 Schoharie Service Project

November 6 Schoharie Service Project

In response to the widespread storm damage, the Student Senate’s Advocacy, Community and Advancement Committee, with the support of the Dean of Students Office is spearheading the RPI RELIEF: Hurricane Irene efforts to raise money for

The President's Office is providing financial support for RPI RELIEF: Hurricane Irene. The $10,000 contribution will address the cost of the student volunteer efforts in the communities impacted by the floods (including transportation and safety items for the student, staff and faculty volunteers), and remaining dollars will be contributed to match funds raised for the supported causes.

Notice - 3/12/12 - RPI Relief:Hurricane Irene fundraising results to date are in!

With the match money and directed gifts, we were able to send a total of $4,377.04 in the following amounts to these hardworking, worthy organizations, to help them continue in their relief and recovery efforts:

RPI RELIEF: Hurricane Irene Volunteer Projects: Check out the link for details and registration.

Check back to this website for information on possible trips in spring 2012.

Special RPI Relief:Hurricane Irene Events at Rensselaer: A chronological listing of all the programs hosted by the students is listed below and showcased also on our Facebook page:

RPI RELIEF is a program of the Dean of Students Office, activated to raise awareness, raise funds and coordinate volunteer initiatives when disaster strikes an area. Past RPI RELIEF efforts have included student initiatives to support those impacted by Hurricane Katrina, and the earthquakes and tsunamis in southeast Asia and recently in Japan. Follow RPI RELIEF: Hurricane Irene on Facebook

The growing list of Student Groups involved in RPI Relief: Hurricane Irene follows:

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