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The Dean of Students Office is the repository for student, faculty, administration and staff service. The service is reported online on an ongoing basis, organized by year and by the reporting group and project. The information is used to document Rensselaer volunteerism in the community.

As projects are completed, complete the Student Accomplishments WEBFORM, and your efforts will be added to the report of Accomplishments in 2013-2014, (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014). Project organizers are responsible for providing the documentation, and should include the names of all other clubs that participated with them in the initiative. Organizers should cluster their work - for instance if a group goes to the animal shelter weekly, one report should be entered for this activity at the end of the semester describing the collective work. A separate report should be entered for each project. Examples of projects include: Relay for Life, Menands Animal Shelter, Iron Chef, MMOC, Tutor Time, Run to Remember, Mighty Waters, etc. If your group participates in the activity but is not the organizer, you do not have to complete the form; however, check with the organizer to make sure that your group is listed as a collaborator and that your contribution is included in the report.

For more information, contact DOSO.

Student Accomplishments WEBFORM

Last modified: Mar 14, 2014
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