Student Judicial Board Applications

Join the Judicial Board!

The Judicial Board is looking for Graduate and Undergraduate students to join the board.

The J-Board, comprised of seven students, hears cases involving alleged violations of the grounds for disciplinary action by students or groups, and in civil cases between students/groups, including intergovernmental and electoral disputes.

The Board is looking for responsible, thorough students who work well in groups, express themselves clearly both verbally and in writing, and are interested in student rights and responsibilities. Applicants must be in good judicial and academic standing, and complete a selection process including a written application, and an interview. If selected, applicants must be approved by the Student Senate.

Students interested in applying should complete the 2010 J-Board Application in its entirety and return it to the J-Board Chair via email at

If you have questions, send an email to the Judicial Board at

Last modified: May 9, 2017