Winter in Troy

Well, winter will be here before we know it. It's never too early to prepare for it!

We realize that many of you have never been exposed to such harsh weather as we are expected to witness in the coming months, we've assembled some useful tips for you to keep in mind about winters in the Northeast, including here in Troy!

Stay informed

Get in the habit of listening to weather reports on the radio or TV.

The RPI Department of Public Safety has great information on their website to keep you updated as well when it comes to severe weather.

You can also check out the Weather Channel to stay informed!

Know how to dress

Where to shop

Some of the large department stores in the mall can be expensive, but you should be able to get good-quality clothing at fairly inexpensive prices at the Walmart up on Hoosick Street. The Price Chopper, also located up in Hoosick Street, often offers small articles of clothing such as hats and mittens during the winter months.

Best times to shop

The best time to shop is during a sale. Many stores will have sale around various holidays (Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas). Right after Christmas (December 25) stores will have big sales because they want to get rid of their winter clothes to make room for incoming spring and summer clothes. But don't be fooled; January and Feburary are the coldest months of the year in this area.

Key words to look for when shopping for winter clothes

Take care of your car

Winter Activities

Our last words are: enjoy the weather! If you dress properly and take the right precautions, winter can be lots of fun!

Last modified: Jul 23, 2015
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