For Kids Only!

We have created worksheets and found favorite Web sites that kids can use to practice their math and reading skills. Some of the sites may require an adult to help you get started. The Tutor Time staff hopes you have some fun learning while you are exploring these sites!

Math practice sheets:

Addition sheet (pdf)
Subtraction sheet (pdf)
Multiplication sheet (pdf)
Multiplication (2) (pdf)
Division Sheet (pdf)
Basic Algebra Worksheet (pdf)
Analogies Worksheet (pdf)
Grammar & Sentences (pdf)
Grammar & Verbs (pdf)
Synonyms (pdf)

Great Web sites:

Khan Academy - Practice your math skills from additionj to calculus and everything in between! There are great, student-friendly, understandable lessons on this website.

Culturally Situated Design Tools - Many cultural designs are based on mathematical principles. This software will help students learn standards-based math and computing as they simulate the original artifacts, and develop their own creations.

Figure This - The Figure This Web site provides many fun math problems to solve!

Education 4 Kids - The Education 4 Kids site has all kinds of flash cards and exercises to help you master basic math facts!

Children's Booklist - The Association for Library Service to Children lists a number of great books for children of all ages!

Young Adult Booklist -Young Adult Library Services Association lists a number of great books for young adults!

PBSKids Games - PBS Kids has created cyber games that make learning fun!

Official Kids - The Official Kids Portal for the U.S. Government provides hundreds of great learning activities.

Connected Kids - The Connected Kids site provides information on what other kids and students are doing in Troy!

E-mail Pre-College Programs to let us know what you think about these sites and about other fun Web sites for learning!

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