We are proud to post opportunities for Rensselaer students to receive scholarships for their work as volunteers. The following scholarships are currently available to Rensselaer students:

The Alpha Phi Omega Community Service Award

The Alpha Phi Omega Community Service Award is awarded to three members of the incoming freshman class each fall for involvement in Community Service and Leadership. Application information and the the deadline for fall submissions will be announced in the summer preceding each fall semester. The Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is devoted to leadership, friendship and service at Rensselaer.

2015 recipients: Yuvraj Chopra, Megan Moquin

2011 recipients: Wen Chenguang, Terrence McGovern, Kathleen Flynn

2009 recipients: Teresa Konopka, Varun Madiath, Stephen Nock

2008 recipient: Olivia Torre

2007 recipient: Brandon Andreola

2005 recipient: Adam Pasquale

2004 recipients: Tripali Kundu, Si Ming Lee, and Daniel Schwarting

2003 recipients: Farheen Shaikh, Cynthia Tang, and Jason Williams

The SCA AmeriCorps Education Award

The Student Conservation Association announces the return of AmeriCorps Education Awards! In addition to all the other upsides, qualified SCA interns can now gain at least $1,000 for college tuition or to repay school loans. If you're interested in scoring this valuable benefit, please be sure to check out the available positions and apply now!

Applicants must serve at least 300 field hours to be eligible (U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is also required). If you're only now considering an SCA internship, these generous Education Awards are just one more great reason to complete and submit your application today. In addition to help for paying for school, SCA benefits include:

SCA makes Education Awards available to its interns through its partnership with AmeriCorps and its parent organization, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). Together, we believe in national service and want to support those who choose to serve, gain new skills, and make a real difference for our natural and cultural resources. Awards are currently scheduled to become available for SCA interns in the field on or after April 15, 2005, so don't delay in applying.

Please note that all Education Awards are provided to eligible interns not by SCA but by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) through a contractual agreement between the intern and CNCS. Awards are based on the intern's compliance with CNCS guidelines and regulations, and dependent upon the availability of federal funds. Please review the Student Conservation Association's Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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