The Student Exchange Visitor Information System, or SEVIS, is an internet-based system that is used to maintain accurate and current information on non-immigrant students and scholars. SEVIS allows schools to exchange data on the visa status of international students and scholars with the appropriate federal agencies.

Under 8 CFR 214.3(g), Rensselaer must report information via SEVIS, including, but not limited to, the student or scholar’s: legal name; current address; date and place of birth; country of citizenship; current academic status; disciplinary action due to crime or conviction; reduced course class load; school enrollment or failure to enroll; start date of student’s next term; student’s failure to enroll in classes for fall & spring semester by a required date; failure to maintain status or complete the program; legal name change; graduation prior to end of date on I-20/DS-2019; when/where student transfers; extensions of I-20/DS-2019; employment authorization; annual number of credit hours; date and port of entry; date of termination of enrollment and reason; degree program; field of study; visa classification; date of visa issuance and classification granted.

Prior to making any changes, international students must inform the ISSS Office and other appropriate offices (such as the Registrar). This includes, but is not limited to, any changes in legal name, address, academic program or status, employment authorizations, or other changes of immigration status. Please consult the ISSS Office if you have questions about reporting.

Last modified: Nov 9, 2015
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