Admissions & Financial Aid

The final step to set a course for a Rensselaer education is to apply for admission and for financial aid.

Rensselaer provides a number of ways to apply for admission to Rensselaer . Familiarize yourself with the application options and due dates so that you submit your complete application, letters of recommendation and other accompanying materials on time.

Affording a Rensselaer education can be a challenge for many students. Rensselaer is a university which "meets financial need", meaning that it provides assistance for the "Cost of Attendance" (COA) not covered by the "Expected Family Contribution" (EFC). You may be eligible for finanical aid from Rensselaer, but first you must apply for the aid.

The process of calculating your EFC and determining your financial need, at Rensselaer as well as at all other colleges and universities, will require that you and your parents report specific information about your family's income and assets on the FAFSA or "Free Application for Financial Student Aid." Rensselaer must receive the student's FAFSA before it is able to award the student's Financial Aid package. Every student is entitled to submit a FAFSA. You and your parents or guardians should familiarize yourself early with the process and deadlines for filing the FAFSA to optimize your opportunity for Financial Aid.

A summary of how to apply for financial aid at Rensselaer includes information not only on the FAFSA but also on a number of frequently asked questions.

Rensselaer awards financial aid packages which include a number of scholarships, grants and loans . There are many other scholarship opportunities that students can apply for that will help pay for college by reducing the unmet need. In partnership with many high schools around the country, Rensselaer provides the Rensselaer Medal to be awarded to a student at the schools during the eleventh grade providing a four-year scholarship to the student should the student apply and be accepted to Rensselaer. An excellent resource for searching other scholarship opportunities was compiled by the New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association . Though some of the scholarships listed are specifically for residents of New York State, the list is a good springboard for finding other opportunities offered around the country. One such scholarship is the Gates Millennium Scholarship , an extraordinary opportunity for full scholarships made possible by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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