Campus Community Resources

There are several campus organizations that celebrate the diversity of Rensselaer's students, faculty and staff, serving as both supporters and advocates as well as the cultural and religious centers of the community experience at Rensselaer. The Community Advocates seek to work collaboratively with all these organizations each year to carry out its mission.

There are over 25 Rensselaer Student Union recognized Multicultural Clubs and Organizations . In addition, the Union recognizes a number of student Religious Organizations as well as socially conscious organizations such as Ecologic.

The Office of Minority Student Affairs provides ongoing support and guidance to the student organizations at Rensselaer that have a focus on minority student issues and activities. OMSA provides academic, personal, career and financial support services to underrepresented groups in the sciences, technology and engineering professions. Underrepresented groups, as defined by Rensselaer, include African American, Latino, Native American and HEOP students. All support services focus on facilitating academic excellence, leadership skills, graduation, graduate skills, and entry into professional careers.

The Office of Institute Diversity works to ensure that Rensselaer reflects a diverse profile of students, faculty and staff, realizing that diversity is value added on our campus. The goals of the office include recruiting a student body that reflects the diversity of the world and creating a welcoming and diverse campus environment that is comfortable for all students, faculty and staff, regardless of race, gender, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, religion or cultural heritage.

Last modified: Sep 4, 2007
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