F-1/I-20 extension of stay for graduate and undergraduate students

As an F-1 student, you were admitted to the United States for "D/S" as indicated on your I-94 (small, white card). D/S, or Duration of Status, means that you may remain in the U.S. as long as you maintain lawful full time student status. However, the Immigration requires that you finish your program of study by the expected completion date noted in section 5 of your I-20. If you will not complete your program by the expected completion date, you must file for an extension. Failure to file a timely application will result in the loss of your F-1 status and could jeopardize your legal status in the U.S.

To be eligible for an extension of stay you must:

Please note: Delays due to academic probation or suspension do not qualify for extension. In this case you would have to apply for reinstatement.

Applying for an extension

A. To apply for an extension, please submit the following to the ISSS Office:

B. You may apply for an extension anytime before the completion date shown on the I-20. You cannot apply for an extension once the completion date has expired.

C. Upon favorable review of your application for extension, the ISSS Office will type a new I-20 for you, which you will have to sign.

When you submit your documents you will be told when to return to sign your new I-20. Immigration requires you to keep all copies of your I-20s together.

Last modified: Mar 3, 2014
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