Getting your vehicle inspected

By law, every car in New York State has to be inspected every twelve months or when the ownership changes. The inspection must be carried out at an official state-licensed inspection station.

The inspector checks the car's brakes, body, head- and taillights, engine fluids, tire pressure, and so on. If anything needs to be fixed, he will advise you about it so that you can make arrangements to have the proper repairs done. The car has to be brought back for the inspection after the repairs are completed. Currently, there is a $10 fee for inspection, but this may be subject to change. An inspection sticker with the expiry date is issued after a successful inspection.

You can often find a list of registered vehicle inspection agents/stations in the area in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book. Most of the car repair garages also offer inspection facilities.

Last modified: Jun 5, 2007
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