Peaceful Demonstrations

Rensselaer has assembled this memorandum (PDF) to provide clarity and guidance to members of the Rensselaer community who seek to conduct a peaceful demonstration. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is an academic community in which public discourse of differing thoughts, ideas, theories and beliefs is held as a fundamental value in the work we engage in around discovery, learning, innovation and personal growth. Discourse between members of our community allows the exploration of different perspectives on a topic, examination of the credibility of a point of view, and opportunity for understanding across difference.

While ours is a community committed to civil discourse, we need only look to recent incidents which have occurred in cities and on other college campuses to identify examples of the harm non-civil discourse can cause a community and the individuals. For the safety of our community, it is critical that all demonstrations be civil and peaceful, that the public expression of views, thoughts and opinions be shared respectfully, and will not impede the expression of opposing views through any form of harassment, threats, discrimination, or physical confrontation.

Last modified: Oct 5, 2017