Note on J-1 Financial Support

Below are some guidelines for how prospective visiting scholars should submit proof of finances. Please be aware that this is for brief reference only and information is subject to change. The requirements are subject to change and scholar’s support is evaluated individually.

Amount Required

Scholars must be able to demonstrate a minimum financial support of $1500 USD per month, or $18,000 USD annually, for the entirety of their appointments. Our office will convert any funding not in USD to USD equivalent amounts.

Dependents: If a scholar is bringing a spouse or child as a dependent, he/she must demonstrate an additional $8,820 USD for a spouse and $4,410 USD per child, cumulatively (not per month, but total)

What Constitutes “Original”?

The finances must be an original, verifiable, paper document no older than 6 months. This may be verified by a signature, stamp, or other indicator of authenticity. Electronic scans of documents or prints of electronic scans are not sufficient. If the scholar has an “e-Statement,” he/she should have the statement verified by a suitable authority (for example, stamped and signed by a representative at his/her bank). All original documents should be mailed to the ISSS Office at:

Examples of Acceptable Funding

Below are some of the most frequently used forms of funding. This list is not exhaustive and other sources of funding may be acceptable upon review:

*Please note: recipients of the Chinese Scholarship Council award must also submit an original “destination letter” from his/her home institution acknowledging that the home institution is aware of the scholar’s appointment at Rensselaer. If the CSC award letter provides a range for funding rather than exact total (i.e.$1200-$1400USD per month) our office will appraise this at the minimum (i.e. $1200/month) and ask the scholar to provide additional proof of funding.

Why Original Funding?

Our office needs to maintain the integrity of a scholar’s records for Department of State record-keeping. In addition, the scholar will need to display this original funding at his/her visa interview. He/she should request at least two original copies, one for our office for DS-2019 issuance and one for the visa appointment.

Last modified: Aug 4, 2016
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