RPI Relief: NEPAL, 2015

On Saturday, April 25, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake centered in Katmandu struck and, with the subsequent aftershocks in the region, has led to the deaths of over 6,000 people and the suffering of tens of thousands of others. Several sources for information on the devastation and updated coverage of the rescue and recovery efforts can be found at The New York Times and at The Times of London.

RPI Relief: Nepal is facilitating campus events from April 29 through May 13, 2015 to help raise money for the relief effort. Funds raised for RPI Relief: Nepal will be distributed to the following organizations:

Please contact the Dean of Students Office for questions and for information on having your event posted on this site.

Funds raised including individual donations as of Tuesday, May 5 total $1,700.


Alpha Phi Omega

RPI Relief- 10 Years of Service Helping Communities in Need

In late August 2005, RPI students launched the RPI Relief Campaign in an effort to help communities around the world suffering from a variety of natural disasters. Since then, they have responded to Hurricane Katrina, the Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami, the Pakistani Earthquake, Turkish Earthquake, Haitian Earthquake, Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, and most recently the Philippines Hurricane. All of the campaigns helped to raise relief money; students used their creative resources to host a variety of programs to raise awareness and as much money as they could to help those suffering from the disasters. Funds raised were sent to organizations like The American Red Cross, Red Crescent, Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and local organizations like SALT - Schoharie Area Long Term. Students were able to physically help beginning in the fall of 2011, when Hurricane Irene struck the capital region, dumping 10 inches of rain into swollen creeks and reservoirs. This disaster was the first in which students and the Rensselaer Community could actually serve the community directly with boots on the ground helping the flood stricken region recover from a storm or disaster.

In the spring of 2012, RPI students officially launched the Mighty Waters Campaign to address the ongoing flood relief and community restoration following the devastation from Hurricane Irene. The storm impacted our community - the region around the mighty waters of the Schoharie Creek, the Mohawk and Hudson rivers and the Poestenkill. The initiative also responded to Hurricane Sandy, serving the Staten Island community. The response to the RPI Relief: Hurricane Irene initiative continues into the 2014-2015 academic year; Since the first trip on September 11, 2011, 182 students, staff and faculty have participated in 25 service trips, filling at total of 597 volunteer slots, for a total of 4,776 service hours answering the call to assist in the flood recovery efforts in our community.

Students interested in helping organize the RPI Relief efforts are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office to get involved.

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